LiAnne Yu – Award Winning Writer of True Stories

Welcome. Immersive Journeys is my portfolio of publications, primarily long-form magazine pieces. I draw on my anthropology background in cultural immersion to shape my stories about real people and the particular journeys that complicate, challenge and define who they are.

My writing has won numerous awards, including first place in The Society of Professional Journalists’ Excellence in Journalism Awards category of long form feature writing (2019), and silver in the Alliance of Area Business Publishers’ category of best local reporting of a national story (2019).

I am a regular contributor to Hawaii Business Magazine, which has been named best business magazine in the country. I am also the author of Consumption in China: How China’s new consumer ideology is shaping the nation (Polity 2014), which has been reviewed by Foreign Affairs as well as the London School of Economics.

Nowadays, I split my time between Hawai’i Island, my adopted home, San Francisco, the place that raised me and made me who I am, and Germany, where my partner is from.

I long ago abandoned the idea of having just one narrow career path, but everything I do is based on my deep interest in uncovering and bringing to life the personal journeys that make us who we are as individuals and as communities.  Please get to know me better through checking out my other digital corners:

  • LiAnne Yu: design research and UX consulting to help corporations better understand their consumers.
  • Anthrolicious: explores the sweet+sticky+spicy+smelly+savory ways in which we encounter and try to make sense of cultural differences.
  • Writing the Resistance: a socio-political writers’ community I founded and serve as editor for.
  • Studio Resilience: the creative studio I co-founded. We design simple tools for people to create visual and viral climate change stories.

I would love to hear from you.