Consumption in China: How China’s New Consumer Ideology is Shaping the NationYu-Consumption 2   Polity, 2014

”An informative combination of firsthand observations, extensive interviews, and social theory allows readers to follow Chinese consumers into a new world of goods and services. This book provides up-to-date coverage of key aspects of Chinese consumerism, including the impact of the internet, the influence of China’s one-child households, and the implications of new private and commercial spaces.”  –  Karl Gerth, author of As China Goes, So Goes the World: How Chinese Consumers are Transforming Everything

”The transformation of Chinese consumers in the last three decades, a dazzling subject, is presented in this book with rich ethnographic evidence and clear historical contextualization. The author has skilfully weaved consumer voices and her own experience with a wide range of academic theories and business insights.”  –  Mag Wong, Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Oracle Added Value, China

“This is an extremely readable insight into the forces that drive consumer trends in what will one day become the world’s largest consumer market. It’s a book for any CEO hoping for a slice of the action.”  –  South China Morning Post

“Given its accessibility and lively style, those who are unfamiliar with Chinese consumerism can see this text an introduction. Entrepreneurs may also use this as a reference to identify consumer trends which are yet to come in China.”   –  London School of Economics Review of Books